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Financial Plans Designed for the Life You Want to Lead

At Real Estate Wealth Planning, we partner with individuals, families and brokerages to create a foundation for lasting financial freedom. Through our comprehensive life planning process, we craft custom financial plans that prioritize your best interests, ensuring a path that aligns with your values and vision for your future.

Comprehensive Financial Life Planning

This is our core service for Realtors® that are serious about saving aggressively toward your goals. We start with the Discovery meeting; then, we partner with you to implement your customized financial life plan.

*Fees start at $7,500/year based on household net worth.

Discovery Meeting

If you are an early-career Realtor® or simply need some personalized guidance to get your financial house in order, then the Discovery Meeting is for you.

*one-time flat fee of $750.


The Discovery Phase

The purpose of this phase is simple. We’ll begin with a 30-minute consultation where we will ask “What brings you here today?”

You will have as much time as you need to share your background, current life situation, and aspirations for the future. We will also thoroughly review what to expect from comprehensive financial life planning. There is about 30 minutes of homework for you before this meeting.

After the consultation, we will schedule our next in-depth meeting as well as our data gathering questionnaires to complete in advance. 


The Life Planning Phase

Several beliefs guide our process: 

First, we know that simply naming far away goals like a certain retirement age or account balance is not enough to build a financial life plan that is uniquely tailored to the life you want to live. Second, we know that your true passions and relationships will be the ultimate drivers of your financial life plan. Third, we know that goals and life situations can change over time, so we iterate your plan as “life happens” and will be with you as a partner every step of the way.

During onboarding, we will first discuss what truly matters to you and your family. How do you want to spend your time? How satisfied are you with your current work? What do you truly enjoy? What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

To prepare for these meetings, you will be given a series of exercises that we will work on together throughout the comprehensive financial life planning process.


The Financial Planning Phase

The financial planning phase consists of several meetings where we will help you get organized, explore possibilities, learn about investments, and of course, discuss the actual strategies we can use to achieve your goals. 

We will cover every financial topic that matters to your family: retirement, taxes, debt, cash flow/budgeting, investments, employee benefits, education funding, inheritance, career progression, mortgage analysis, insurance, and estate planning. For real estate professionals and business owners, we will also review your annual business plan, expenses and strategy.

You will have access to a secure client portal to upload documents where we will create a detailed financial life plan for your family that we review and update regularly.


The Implementation Phase

For clients that engage us in ongoing financial planning, we will be your guide and strategy partner as we implement your plan together. 

We will help keep you organized, connect you to insurance, estate, and tax professionals as needed, open and monitor accounts, give you investment advice, and much more. Ongoing financial planning fees are determined annually based on household net worth. We do not charge separate investment management fees for comprehensive clients and we do not have a minimum account size.

Want to learn more? Schedule a meeting.

Designed for Your Unique Needs

Our in-depth discovery process ensures that your financial life plan is truly customized for you.

Adaptable for Life's Changes

Your financial life plan is a living document that we will update annually or anytime “life happens”.

Conflict-Free Advice

We have signed a fiduciary oath and are required to put your best interest above our own.

Dedicated to Educating You

We promise to thoroughly explain every part of your financial plan in plain English.

See your full financial picture and make better decisions about what really matters. Asset-Map is a tool that allows us to visualize your complete financial inventory on one page and inform progress toward goals. 

With intuitive mind map-like diagramming, you can see and understand your finances like never before and as a result, make better decisions about your financial future.

Asset-Map uses estimates and minimal personal information, so it only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Start yours here.

Once complete, we will send you a free one-page PDF and you can schedule a meeting if you wish to discuss it.

Curious about our privacy policy? It’s less than two pages and quite readable!

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