Financial planning documents, forms, and links for clients.

How We Work With You

Our goal is to provide the best financial planning possible and to build long term relationships with clients. These documents and forms help us set clear expectations, provide transparency into the financial planning process, and allow us to learn about your life in order to provide personalized advice. 

We ask for a lot of detailed financial information prior to our first and second meetings. It’s quite possible that we ask for much more up front than many other financial advisory firms. Each item has a distinct purpose and allows us to be intentional and efficient with our time together. 

Initial Meeting

  • Client Engagement Standards – how we work with you and what to expect; please read carefully prior to our meeting.
  • Calendly – Schedule Meeting, Review Agenda & Pre-Work. Please note: We require prospective clients to fill out a comprehensive consultation form, read our client engagement standards, and upload a recent tax return prior to our meeting. This allows us to use our time together well and helps us provide more personalized advice.
Second Meeting
  • Discovery Meeting – This meeting is 90 minutes. Clients will complete additional forms about their real estate, budget, income & assets. They will also create an account with Right Capital. We will prepare provide a high-level action plan that we will review together during this meeting. 
  • After this meeting, clients can choose to onboard with comprehensive financial planning or take the advice provided and self-implement. The fee for this meeting is $750. 

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