Despite all that 2020 has flung our way, we have much to be grateful for.

Our family is happy and healthy. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to watch our two children grow up close this year. We’re exceptionally blessed for a 2nd child that loves to sleep!

We’re blessed to live in a city with many opportunities to get outside – including the beautiful walking trails right outside our door in Sunset Valley, Texas.

We have also had lots of time this year to reflect on our Ponder Family Values, which we wrote in 2017 while anticipating the birth of our first child, Lucy. Each value has taken on enhanced meaning this year, and now that Lucy is old enough, we have begun to teach her the “toddler-friendly” short versions of each value.

Grit: we use grit to persevere through challenges in pursuit of a long term goal; we don’t give up. If we fail, we use that failure to learn something new about ourselves. We don’t give up when it’s hard.

Compassion: We use compassion to understand how another person feels. We help others.

Curiosity: We learn by asking questions and carefully listening for answers. We ask questions.

Honesty: We seek and share the truth. We are not distracted by falsehoods. Facts are true, but interpretation of facts is subjective. We tell the truth. 

Stewardship: We take good care of the things we have. We don’t keep or take more than we need. We share abundance with others. We take care of our stuff.

Creativity: We find solutions to problems. We make cool stuff to share with the world. We make cool stuff. 

Humor: We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We find laughter and joy in life. We laugh.

Adventure: We take appropriate risks and try new things. We are not complacent.  We try new things.

What values are you reflecting on today?

While we are certainly looking forward to new adventures in 2021, we also want to practice compassion by giving back to those for whom 2020 has been especially challenging.

Our family usually participates in the Turkey Trot, so this year, won’t you join us in donating to Caritas or the Central Texas Food Bank?

From our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah, Ross, Lucy (2.5y), Hank (15m), Bear & Molly (German Shepherds / best friends / guardians of the homestead)

Coming Soon!

In 2024, our name is changing to Real Wealth Planning. New website launching in late Q1-2024. 
Same service, same values, just a refreshed look!

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