One-Time Financial Life Plan

Looking to create a strategy that gives you confidence in your financial decisions? 

Our One-Time Comprehensive Financial Plan is a three-month process that costs $5,000 for an individual and $7,500 for a couple. This process is identical to the initial three-month process for comprehensive financial life planning. The only difference is in implementation after the completion of the initial plan. If a client wishes to take their financial plan at the end of the plan delivery meeting and implement the recommendations on their own, there is no other fee. By contrast, ongoing comprehensive financial planning clients will receive implementation support from us.

What is my Net Worth?

See your full financial picture and make better decisions about what really matters. Asset-Map is a tool that allows us to visualize your complete financial inventory on one page and inform progress toward goals. 

With intuitive mind map-like diagramming, you can see and understand your finances like never before and as a result, make better decisions about your financial future.

Asset-Map uses estimates and minimal personal information, so it only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Start yours here.

Once complete, we will send you a free one-page PDF and you can schedule a meeting if you wish to discuss it.

Curious about our privacy policy? It’s less than two pages and quite readable!