One-Time Projects


The Quickstart Project allows clients to discuss 1-3 financial planning topics of their choice with an experienced Planner. The fixed fee for this service is $750 and includes 30 minutes of prep by the Planner, 90 minutes of live conversation between the client and the Planner, and one week of email follow-up.

All prospective clients should first schedule a free 30-minute consultation. During that consultation, if we decide a Quickstart is the best fit, then schedule a 90-minute meeting here. Once scheduled, we will send you an email with instructions.

An overview of our One-Time Projects

Project-Based Financial Planning is offered on a fixed fee basis. Fees are based on our hourly rate of $350. Most single-topic projects are 3-10 hours.

Investment Analysis: A thorough review of all investable assets and investment education.

Retirement Strategy Review: A thorough review of current retirement savings, potential changes, and future trajectory; includes recommendations for investments within employee-sponsored plans.

Employee Benefits Optimization: A review of all fringe benefits available to household and discuss optimal changes.

Windfall/Inheritance Review: We will review the inheritance or windfall and make personalized investment or spending recommendations.

Education Savings Strategy: We will perform a review of education savings and investment options; includes opening 529 (or other) accounts.

Debt/Cash Flow Review: We will review budget, credit/loans, and cash flow recommendations for changes. If needed, we will also recommend changes to account types/structures.

Mortgage Purchase/Refinance Review: An analysis of your current mortgage(s) or potential real estate transactions to determine if a purchase, sale, or refinance is appropriate.

Insurance Review: A thorough review of life, property, and disability policies. FFPG does not sell insurance products. FFPG will refer to external providers when necessary. We will also review the options that external providers propose for purchase.

Estate Planning Strategy: A review of the status of the estate plan to prepare for work with an attorney.

Real Estate Analysis: Per individual residential property (single family, duplex, triplex, or quadplex). Client will provide all raw financial data including income and expenses, and financing documents.

If a client engages Real Estate Wealth Planning in a one-time project or Quickstart, and then converts to comprehensive ongoing financial planning within one year, we will credit any one-time fees toward the client’s first year of comprehensive planning fees.

Questions about one-time projects and how they work? Schedule a free consultation or send us an email.

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