Summer Reading – Part 2

Summer Reading – Part 2

This second part of the summer reading list is for two books I love for any client – one specifically about your own financial plan, and the other about your business as a professional Realtor®.

First things first: sending thoughts and prayers for a safe and healthy school year for everyone’s kids! Let’s do what we can to keep them safe.

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Now, on to The One Page Financial Plan:

The author is a financial planner and master at communicating financial topics simply. Clients often say “Just tell me what to do!” 

OK, here goes…

1. Ask yourself “Why is money important to you?”
2. Guess where you want to go.
3. Get really clear on your current financial situation. Start the hard, honest conversations with yourself and your family.
4. Budget as a tool for awareness.
5. Save as much as you reasonably can (this is key!).
6. Buy just enough insurance.
7. Borrow & spend wisely.
8. Invest like a scientist.
9. Hire a “Real Financial Advisor” (here are some options).
10. Behave, for a really long time.

one page financial plan

And now, the second book I highly recommend to any business owner:

Building a Storybrand

This book is a marketing book for any business owner (hello, REALTORS®!).

Why I like this book:

  • You’ll learn how to position your clients as the “hero” with you as their “guide”.
  • As a REALTOR®, you are the brand. Clients like to do business with people they respect and admire, so this book will show you how to attract your ideal client.
  • Abundance mentality: It is absolutely OK to not land every client! The clients you DO land should be your ideal clients that you are delighted to serve.

My key takeaways:

  • Your clients have a problem – they probably need to buy or sell a house – and with empathy and authority, you can help guide them to a solution.
  • You can set yourself apart by clearly and authentically messaging both what you do (staging? vendor connections?) and also what you don’t do (last minute showings on Sunday mornings with someone you’ve never met?)!

After you read the book, you can apply the concepts to build your own Storybrand and more effectively communicate both online and in-person with your clients.


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