Summer Reading – Part 3

Summer Reading – Part 3

This third installation of the summer reading list contains two books I love as a parent.

Missed Part 1? Here it is. And Part 2.

The Opposite of Spoiled

Raising kids who are grounded, generous, and smart about money. Who doesn’t want that?

This book is phenomenal. It approaches money conversations with grace and curiosity. Even if you don’t have kids, I bet you know some!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Why & how to start money conversations with kids and family members.

2. A counter-intuitive approach to allowance (don’t tie it to chores!)

3. How to navigate kids’ spending impulses.

4. How to talk about giving.

5. Why kids should work.

6. Instilling gratitude, grace, and perspective in our sons and daughters.

I hope you enjoy the book! In the meantime, register below for an upcoming workshops on Retirement strategies for Realtors® and download this checklist with issues to consider if you are planning for a child’s college. If you missed the Budgeting and Investing workshop but want the materials, send me an email.

Stay safe out there!

PS – if you have super tiny kids and aren’t ready for The Opposite of Spoiled yet, check out the Jimmy Fallon classic “Everything is Mama“… this one’s been on repeat in our house for years. Absolutely nothing to do with money, just fun.

And finally, schedule some time if you just want to chat about one of these books or anything else!

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