Back from Maternity Leave & Summer Reading List

Mid-Summer Update

The world sure has changed since Ruth was born – we are incredibly fortunate to have access to life-saving vaccines! I am returning from maternity leave and have started taking new clients again (schedule initial meeting here). We owe many thanks to family, friends, clients & colleagues for all of their support this year.

On to the summer reading list…

These books will change your life (or the life of someone you love!), each in small ways that add up.

Part One – Books I’ve actually read this summer:

Part Two – Evergreen books I got a ton of value from and think you will too:

Part Three – What I’m currently reading:

Part Four – What’s up next:

In future posts, I’ll describe what I like about each and my key takeaways. In the meantime, schedule some time to discuss  if you just want to chat about one of these books or anything else!

Ruth 3.5 months

Coming Soon!

In 2024, our name is changing to Real Wealth Planning. New website launching in late Q1-2024. 
Same service, same values, just a refreshed look!

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