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We’ll keep this short: Real Estate Wealth Planning was founded by a pregnant woman married to a REALTOR® during a pandemic for one simple reason… Real estate professionals simply aren’t often able to get fair, unbiased financial advice tailored to your unique needs.

Here’s the problem: most financial advisors are compensated either based on a percentage of the assets that they manage for you (usually about 1%), or by selling you commission-based products that may or may not be the most appropriate option for your family. So, in order to get experienced and unbiased financial advice, most families need to have portfolios with at least several hundred thousand dollars that an advisor can manage. 

Why? That’s just the way it’s always been. Now, don’t get me wrong – there is actually nothing wrong with charging clients based on a fixed percentage of assets under management. It’s actually a very fair way to manage many people’s money. There’s also (usually) nothing wrong with selling commission-based products – as long as the salesperson truly identifies themselves as a salesperson rather than as an unbiased financial advisor. 

How are we different? At Real Estate Wealth Planning, we recognize that some real estate professionals want to keep a portion of their net worth invested in real estate. That can mean that you may or may not have liquid investments for a financial advisor to manage under the traditional 1% fee model. Instead, we have decided that to be fairest to our clients, most of our services are priced using flat retainer fees or project-based hourly fees. 

We will of course offer you our professional guidance on asset allocation, account structure, and how best to use your financial resources to meet your financial goals. But since our compensation is not linked to your investment decisions, we are unconflicted when we offer you our investment advice.

Finally – let’s be clear – financial advice is so much more than simply investment advice! We actually think that investment decisions come (almost) last after we have thoughtfully mapped out your goals and learned about the life you and your family actually want to live now and in the future. We’ll cover the comprehensive financial planning process in the next post. 

See you there!

*Disclaimer: please review our disclosures for more information on services and fee structures. You can also book an initial consultation and we will happily explain our fees and services in plain English.

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In 2024, our name is changing to Real Wealth Planning. New website launching in late Q1-2024. 
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